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Creative Networking Professionals (CNP) is a networking group designed to increase your exposure to many other people and businesses. CNP was established with the belief that networking is a key element in any successful business. CNP is made up of members from different professions and backgrounds, but they all share the same goal; to increase their exposure to receiving word of mouth referrals. That is why most CNP members are either commissioned based professionals or business owners in the community. As a CNP member you become part of a larger team. Belonging to CNP is like having a sales force working for you.

Networking or referral groups have been around forever, and CNP was started on the very same foundation. However, CNP is taking the concept and making it better by providing its members with the tools to make networking easier, less expensive, and more productive.

CNP is always looking for other professionals that want to enhance their business, so check out the CNP Professionals link to see if your profession or business is still available.

If you have a dollar and I have a dollar and we exchange, we still only have a dollar. If you know someone and I know someone and we exchange, we each know two people.